There's a lot to do to get into your dream school.

Let's get started.

Monologue and song coaching:

Selection of your pieces is critical, and the experienced staff, under Drew’s direction, knows that every performer is unique, and works with you to choose pieces that expressly showcase you at your best.  Then we build the performances of the selections from the ground up, constructing detailed moments, working tirelessly, all while building your own sense of professional belonging. When we’re done, you have the perfect 5 minute audition package.

Resume and headshots:

A exceptional looking resume is a must-have for a university audition; and we'll take your ordinary resume, and transform it into a stylish, professional presentation of your experience. If you don't have headshots, not to worry, because internationally renowned photographer Stefani Ciotti specializes in taking great shots that show off your dynamic personality. 

Vocal technique training:

Having the tools to deliver your message in your song is required. And Michelle and Molly both provide a fun, positive atmosphere to build up your vocal proficiency and confidence.

Dance technique instruction:

Worried about a dance call at your audition? Don’t sweat it. Oscar will get you up to snuff on your ballet and jazz, and you’ll have so much fun you won’t notice you’re drenched in sweat.